Christmas Meditation

Tonight Christians celebrate the mystery of “incarnation” – the idea that an All-powerful Creator would take on the frailties, temptations, and pain of human experience for the purpose of also sharing in the joys, passions, and triumphs of mortal life. Regardless of your faith tradition, of if you have none… Continue reading

What Do Christians Believe? A Response

If we limit ourselves to widely-held stereotypes, the answer seems filled with cognitive dissonance. On the other hand, if we allow his response to help us brush away all the detritus of easy caricatures and selfish political agendas, we can then answer honestly. When we do, we can preserve a voice that is uniquely Christian, and we can allow that voice to speak in a way that is neither shrill nor strident. Instead, the Christian voice becomes one that can sing in harmony with the rest of us, the rest of humanity, as we all seek to find hope in the darkness of empty tombs. Continue reading

Avatar is not Anti-Christian

The artistry of Avatar is not a threat to Christian belief, but it is a threat to arrogant assumptions about our own exclusive claims to truth, power, and wealth. Dig deeply enough and it becomes clear that it is in fact these desires which many people actually worship (after layering a veneer of Christianity over them). Unlike our fragile, human egos, the God of all creation is not threatened when we explore all of the possible permutations of that creation. Nor is God minimized when we seek to understand those who honor that creation in different ways. Continue reading

Easter Wishes

On this day Christians celebrate the triumph of compassion, love, ans self-sacrifice over venality, ignorance, and death. For those of my tradition: “Χριστός ανέστη εκ νεκρών, θανάτω θάνατον πατήσας!” For those of other traditions, I wish you joy as well in those things that give life meaning. Whatever awaits us beyond the grave, we will surely all share in it together. Continue reading