Government Shutdown Not About Compromise

Please, please stop saying that the government shutdown is because “both sides won’t compromise.” This is simply not the case. The Affordable Care Act is the result of HUGE compromises on the part of Democrats. The ACA is a very conservative, capitalist-friendly bill that was conceived by a conservative think… Continue reading

My Response to Fox News Rhetoric

I have a friend who is a bit more conservative than I am.  He recently posted a lengthy critique of my political views using the rhetoric of Fox News.  Normally I don’t respond to those sorts of arguments because I consider them so obviously lacking in merit that I let… Continue reading

Thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election

Following the Facebook, Twitter, and old media discussions of the 2012 presidential election results has led me to an unsurprising conclusion:  many Republicans, including some of my friends, are horrified that President Obama has won.  Considering the tenor of the race, I expected as much.  What confuses me in reading… Continue reading

Collaboration Across the Divide

I am unashamedly a partisan in our current political debates.  I think we have two major political parties in this country: a conservative one and a far-right party controlled by anachronistic theocrats and billionaire robber barons.  I would love to have an actual, “liberal” party here, but I think it… Continue reading

Actual Regulation is not Over-Regulation

  Perhaps my biggest complaint – of my many complaints about rich old white men who feel threatened by Obama – is the claim of “unprecedented regulatory burdens on businesses.” Yes, we – the people – do not want you to make your obscene profits at the expense of the… Continue reading