Christmas Meditation

Tonight Christians celebrate the mystery of “incarnation” – the idea that an All-powerful Creator would take on the frailties, temptations, and pain of human experience for the purpose of also sharing in the joys, passions, and triumphs of mortal life. Regardless of your faith tradition, of if you have none… Continue reading

Easter Wishes

On this day Christians celebrate the triumph of compassion, love, ans self-sacrifice over venality, ignorance, and death. For those of my tradition: “Χριστός ανέστη εκ νεκρών, θανάτω θάνατον πατήσας!” For those of other traditions, I wish you joy as well in those things that give life meaning. Whatever awaits us beyond the grave, we will surely all share in it together. Continue reading

Christmas Wishes

Nativity SceneI wish all those who observe this holiday a peaceful and joyous Noel. For those for whom this season brings sadness or reminders of grief, I wish you the comfort of those who love you. For those who find themselves in places of violence, hunger, or fear I pray you find the shelter of a friendly innkeeper. For those for whom this is not a sacred day , I hope you find rest and welcome amidst reminders that we are all part of a common human family – regardless of belief. Continue reading