Georgians MUST Vote Tomorrow, November 4

Jason Carter & Michelle Nunn

Jason Carter & Michelle Nunn

If you live in Georgia, you have the opportunity tomorrow to significantly impact the quality of life in this country for the next fifteen to twenty years.

Often it feels like those of us who don’t believe that Jesus rode dinosaurs or that corporations are looking out for the middle class are throwing away our votes here. Not so tomorrow, when the Governor’s race and the Senate race will each be decided by which side has a better turnout.

Even more importantly, the make-up of the US Senate may hinge on who wins the Georgia election. Regardless of what else that might mean, the area where it will have a direct impact on all of us for many years to come is in the confirmation of Supreme Court justices. We CANNOT have another superstitious, nutty, far-right tool like Scalia sitting on the highest bench in the land. We cannot have another Citizens United, nor can we afford to have our civil liberties crushed under the heel of corporate oligarchy or religious fundamentalism.

YOUR VOTE tomorrow could prevent that. No excuses. Get out and VOTE!

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