“Just for Jesus” Doesn’t Care About Separation of Church and State

Found at http://www.timboucher.com/journal/2007/11/07/tent-show-revivalism/

Found at http://www.timboucher.com/journal/2007/11/07/tent-show-revivalism/

Here’s a press release from Americans United:

AU Press Release

It seems that it’s not enough for folks like this to dumb down the gospel and reduce the historic witness of the Church to a quiz show question about personal salvation. They also want to use public school resources to make their saccharine proselytizing as accessible to students as possible.

Any public school system that uses taxpayer money to expose children to this kind of blatant evangelism should be ashamed. Christians should be particularly concerned by this because no self-respecting mainline group would do likewise, which means the only version of Christianity these children will be exposed to is this kind of far-right, revivalist parody of the gospel.


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