Why Shorter’s Demise Matters

  When the Board of Trustees at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia lost a long legal battle with an increasingly fundamentalist Georgia Baptist Convention, many of us held out hope that the faculty, students, and alumni would be able to fight back against the pernicious influence of fundamentalism.  Our vigil… Continue reading

Shorter College is No More

Asesino alevoso, ingrato a Dios, y enemigo de los hombres es el que,  so pretexto de guiar a las generaciones nuevas, les enseña un cúmulo aislado y absoluto de doctrinas y les predica al oído, antes que la dulce plática de amor, el evangelio bárbaro del odio.   (Treacherous assassins,… Continue reading

On Homosexuality

If the applicability of these biblical texts to the current situation is unclear, and if ultimately relationship with God through Jesus is more important than precision on exactly what is and is not a sin, then – faced with no clear answer either way – should we chose to separate people who love each other and want to create healthy families together, or should we instead nurture their love and their families in our churches and in our communities? Is it more Christian to nurture commitment, faithfulness, and love or to block it? Continue reading