Why I Use the Word “Bigot”

So why do I refer to people who deny full inclusion to LGBT persons in their communities as bigots? This is actually a fairly common question raised by those who comment on my various writings and Facebook posts. Here is my response. After fifteen years as an ordained member of… Continue reading

A Simple Question

I was pondering this today, and I decided to put it into a Facebook-friendly graphic. As someone who teaches World Religions, it seems fairly obvious to me that fundamentalists – Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian…doesn’t matter – have a consistent history of always being wrong about everything.  So, with that said, why… Continue reading

There is no “War on Religion” in the United States

With his usual surgical wit, Jon Stewart chastised the “Religious Right” saying, “You’ve confused a ‘War on Religion’ with ‘Not always getting everything you want.’”  He is spot on, but their confusion is not accidental.  The far right in the United States has come to realize that the only way… Continue reading

Why Shorter’s Demise Matters

  When the Board of Trustees at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia lost a long legal battle with an increasingly fundamentalist Georgia Baptist Convention, many of us held out hope that the faculty, students, and alumni would be able to fight back against the pernicious influence of fundamentalism.  Our vigil… Continue reading

Shorter College is No More

Asesino alevoso, ingrato a Dios, y enemigo de los hombres es el que,  so pretexto de guiar a las generaciones nuevas, les enseña un cúmulo aislado y absoluto de doctrinas y les predica al oído, antes que la dulce plática de amor, el evangelio bárbaro del odio.   (Treacherous assassins,… Continue reading