Student Technology Use

  On Wednesday Thom Barclay and I did a presentation at Galloway on how 21st Century Students Use Technology. The PowerPoint Presentation and all the supporting materials are linked here: Student Technology Use in the 21st Century There’s a decent bibliography section on gaming and pedagogy at the end of… Continue reading

There is no “War on Religion” in the United States

With his usual surgical wit, Jon Stewart chastised the “Religious Right” saying, “You’ve confused a ‘War on Religion’ with ‘Not always getting everything you want.’”  He is spot on, but their confusion is not accidental.  The far right in the United States has come to realize that the only way… Continue reading

Christian Love in Rhode Island

Imagine a nation where schoolchildren gather under a state-sponsored banner imploring their nation’s god to help them grow “morally.”  Then imagine one courageous young woman taking a stand against the authoritarian inculcation of theocracy in that country, only to be labeled an “evil little thing” by its political establishment. Imagine… Continue reading

Why Shorter’s Demise Matters

  When the Board of Trustees at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia lost a long legal battle with an increasingly fundamentalist Georgia Baptist Convention, many of us held out hope that the faculty, students, and alumni would be able to fight back against the pernicious influence of fundamentalism.  Our vigil… Continue reading